About Us

GL Roberts CVI is located in Oshawa Ontario and serves students in Grades 9 – 12.

GLR's 2020 Student Council has created an amazing video that showcases many of our incredible programs and spaces around the building. We are excited to share this with you all.


Mission Statement

Respect Responsibility Excellence

Principal's message

On behalf of the staff and administration, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to a new school year.  If you are new to the school, our staff look forward to you becoming a part of the great academic and co-curricular traditions found at our school.  GL Roberts CVI is renowned for its unwavering strength of commitment on the part of staff, students, parents, and guardians to the work of the school and the community of Oshawa.  With the strong support of staff, parents/guardians and community, students at GL Roberts have distinguished themselves through excellence in academic achievement, artistic expression, and on the playing field.  The school community is committed to ensuring that our school remains safe, orderly, and an enjoyable place to attend each day.  Our school is the kind of place where specific needs are met and opportunities are provided for self-actualization and the realization of potential.

GL Roberts has a school motto: Facing Tomorrow’s Challenges Together.  As a community, we believe it takes a team effort in supporting our children to reach their post-secondary goals.  We take a Restorative Approach to teaching and learning at GL Roberts.  This means that Respect, Responsibility, and Achieving Excellence are at the forefront of everything we do, at the base of every decision we make, embedded into our lessons, and daily routines. Please take full advantage of the support network we provide.

GL Roberts is in the midst of positive and innovative changes in learning spaces, programming, and with leveraging technology.  Every student will be provided with a DDSB Chromebook where they will be able to access academic resources and engage in interactive learning opportunities.  We are excited in learning together, in building the necessary global competencies for post-secondary student success.

On behalf of the staff, I wish for you a strong sense of purpose and meaningful accomplishment… also for you to find joy in learning.

Have an amazing school year!

Alison Evanoff